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The School of Management is one of the four academic colleges of UP Cebu. Its office and academic support facilities are situated at the western side of the UP Cebu Lahug Campus where the Administrative Building is located.
In consonance with UP Cebu’s vision, the School of Management intends to be the leading regional institutional resource for the training and development of managers who are strongly grounded in our national culture and heritage, and who can be effective in a wide range of situations.

To achieve this vision, it currently offers two programs—the Bachelor of Science in Management and the Master of Business Administration. The undergraduate program is offered on a semestral basis while the graduate program is offered on a trimestral basis. The existing School of Management program is a 4-year generalist program designed to produce management graduates who have the flexibility to perform in the corporate environment as well as engage in entrepreneurial endeavors. The MBA Program, launched in UP Cebu in 2009, is a 32 month program designed to provide graduate students with a “balance between technical training and practical problem-solving, that is founded on current management theories and approaches”(Virata School of Business,UP Dilliman).
To support these program offerings, the School has a human resource complement of 12 full-time faculty members (five of which have Doctoral degrees), and industry practitioners as lecturers to complete the roster.

Message from the 2017 SoM Dean

Welcome to the School of Management at UP Cebu.

This is a time when we are witnessing a lot of changes in Cebu and in the Region. From replacing idle lands and old buildings with business process outsourcing (BPO) offices, boutique hotels, shopping malls, 24-hour convenience stores to satisfy the changing needs of Cebu residents. With these developments, the mission of School of Management remains steadfast: to contribute to the betterment of Cebu and the Region.

We will continue to be true to our mission by delivering relevant academic programs, researches and public service activities.

We strive to graduate ethical and responsible citizens who are prepared to take lead in their careers and in the communities, and are ready to serve for the advancement of the society. Our students shall be trained and developed through excellent academic programs delivered by distinguished faculty and a pool of industry-recognized lectures.

Join us in our efforts to build the next generation of leaders.

Tiffany Adelaine Tan, PhD

Message from the 2014 BMC Chairperson

The Management Cluster consists of two programs, the BSM and the MBA with a full complement of eleven (11) full time faculty members, inclusive of the Dean of the College, the Associate Dean for Administration and the Budget Officer for the college. Other faculty members also handled sensitive positions, including the BAC Chairmanship.

Our being few in numbers is not a hindrance to achieving more. All teaching performances were rate from very good to excellent; a good number of researches were published. Faculty members had their own extension services.

Yet, one of our biggest achievements as a cluster was the conceptualization and development of the plan for the elevation of our cluster to a School of Management. We dare say that we as a cluster are ready for such elevation, and in fact do look forward to it.

The cluster will be facing new challenges in the years to come. It will continue supporting the vision and mission of the entire University. It will no less devote much effort in contributing to UP Cebu becoming a CU. The Cluster will be developing and pursuing its own plans, like the institution of two new graduate programs, and the construction of a new building.

In closing, I would like to extend my sincere gratitude to all our fellow faculty members, the support staff, as well as those in the administration. I sincerely pray that all will continue to extend their full support for a better UP Cebu and the UP community.

Prof. Ernesto G. Yap

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