Mr. Alexis Arn Ceniza, CPA, MBA
Senior Lecturer 1

  • Master of Business Administration, 2015, University of the Philippines Cebu
  • Certified Public Accountant, 1996
  • Bachelor of Science in Accountancy, 1996, University of San Carlos

Specializations: Financial and Managerial Accounting, Finance, and Controllership.

Mr. Dexter Cuevas, CPA, MBA
Lecturer 2

  • Partner, SRD & Co. Certified Public Accountants
  • Master of Business Administration, 2016, UP Cebu
  • BS in Accountancy, 2007, University of San Jose Recoletos, Cebu

Specializations: Managerial Accounting and Control

Ms. Ma. Dea Devaras, MBA
Lecturer 2

  • Master of Business Administration, 2015, UP Cebu
  • Bachelor of Arts in Communication Arts, 2010, UP Tacloban

Specializations: Communication, Organizational Development, and Change Management


Ms. Estela Fernandez, MA
Senior Lecturer 1

  • Master in Anthropology, 1995 University of San Carlos
  • Bachelor of Fine Arts, 1991 University of the Philippines Cebu

Specializations: Design Strategy, Organizational Development, and Advertising.

Mr. Carlo Negado, CPA, MMBM
Lecturer 2

  • Master of Management in Business Management, 2016 UPV Tacloban College
  • Certified Public Accountant, 2011
  • Bachelor of Science in Accountancy (cum laude), 2011, UPV Tacloban College

Specializations: Accounting and Finance

Prof. Yvonne C. Gomos, MMBM
Professorial Lecturer 1

  • Master of Management in Business Management, 1983, UPV Cebu College
  • BS in Business Management, 1980, UP College Cebu

Specializations: Market Research, Marketing Management, Strategic Management, and Organizational Development.

Esterlina O. Kotake, PhD
Senior Lecturer 3

  • Ph.D. in Economics, 1982, Kansas State University, USA
  • Master of Business Administration, 1975, UP College Cebu
  • BS in Business Administration, 1972, University of San Carlos

Specializations: Finance & Investment, and Economics.


Mr. Stephen Tan, MBA
Senior Lecturer 1

  • Master of Business Administration, 1982, KUL Leuven, Belgium
  • Certified Public Accountant, 1988
  • Fellowship in Agricultural Economics (Fulbright), 1988
    University of California, Davis California
  • BS in Management Engineering, 1977
    Ateneo De Manila University

Specializations: Finance & Investment.

Mr. Gerran Simacon
Lecturer 1

  • Master of Information Systems, UP OU (on-going)
  • Information Systems Analyst I, UP Cebu
  • Licensure Examination for Teacher (LET) Passer, 2012
  • Diploma in Professional Education (DPE), 2011, CNU
    • Bachelor of Science in Computer Science, 2004 Asian College of Technology (cum laude)

Specializations: Information Technology.

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