Master of Business Administration (MBA)

Modern Management imperatives require that everyone compete with everyone else regardless of geographic constraints, that customers’ views which are now refined and sophisticated be sought and their desires respected, that converting an idea into a product or service (cycle time) be shortened, that the structure of work and workflow be re-engineered, and that the financial, physical, human and information resources be re-deployed in consideration of sustainability issues and corporate social responsibility.

The extent or reach of individual businesses is anchored heavily on information technology. Managers must become globally knowledgeable and seek and make use of information effectively and efficiently to survive.

It is in this context that the Master of Business Administration Program of UP Cebu is designed and will be modified through the years. The program has a balanced offering of core courses in the functional areas and general management, including electives in various specialized topics in business management. Its primary objective is to prepare students to become leaders of organizations competing in a business environment that has grown increasingly dynamic and complex.

It is offered in the evenings (weeknights) and Saturdays and is designed to meet the needs of working professionals. It can be completed in 8 trimesters or 2⅔ years. Courses are taught through a mix of teaching methods such as lecture, case method, field exposures, research, and computer simulation. These are handled by full-time faculty who are active in research and by lecturers drawn from a list of practicing managers.

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Institutional Targets

UP Vision UP as a leading regional and global university in an environment that sustains 21st-century learning, knowledge creation and public service for society and humanity.
UP Core Values Honor and Excellence
UP Cebu Vision A lead university in pioneering research, creative design, ICT-driven innovation, responsible governance, and community service in Central Visayas and the global society
UP Cebu Mission UP Cebu promotes scientific, socio-economic, cultural and environmental progress in Central Visayas, in the nation and the world through creative and innovative instruction, research, intellectual productivity, and public service. UP Cebu:

•   offers accessible quality graduate, undergraduate, and continuing  education that will produce innovative, critical, nationalist, ethical, gender-sensitive and socially responsible graduates who demonstrate high levels of academic pursuit;

•   conducts pioneering research, and develops novel and creative technologies through transdisciplinary collaboration;

•   applies products of knowledge generation, dissemination, and intellectual productivity to improve social welfare; and

•   ensures administrative efficiency in the delivery of excellent, responsible service in support of learning, research, intellectual productivity, and public service.

UP Cebu Core Values Honor, integrity, excellence
SoM  Vision To be the leading regional educational institution for decision-makers.
SoM Mission Provide excellent management education, generate research and disseminate information to the business community, and deliver public service in the areas of institutional governance and management of the Services industry.
SoM Core Values Integrity and excellence

Master of Business Management Program Learning Outcomes

After completing the program, an MBA graduate will be able to:

  1. Demonstrate knowledge and skills in leading and managing organizations.
  2. Perform useful analysis, and generate ethical and innovative business and management solutions.
  3. Use quantitative methods, management theories, and tools to evaluate opportunities (local, regional, national, global) and challenges that help achieve organizational objectives.
  4. Effectively collaborate and professionally supervise multi-disciplinary teams and demonstrate leadership when needed.
    • Give constructive criticism to bring out the best in others.
    • Accept with humility feedback from supervisors and peers.
    • Guide and nurture subordinates to instill leadership in others.
  5. Communicate information effectively through written reports and oral presentations, considerate of organizational differences and cultural diversity.
    • Convey clearly and concisely one’s thoughts in oral and written formats.
    • Appropriately respond with humility to the comments, queries, and feedback by other parties.
  6. Uphold the University’s value of honor and excellence in all personal and business transactions.
  7. Develop a healthy desire for lifelong learning for the well-being of self and the community.
    • Demonstrate intellectual curiosity by asking intelligent questions and conducting research.
    • Humbly learn from the best practices shared by peers.

Below is the 2016 revised MBA study program.