Retention Policy

Retention Policy of the Bachelor of Science in Management Program

(for the 2018 Curriculum, Approved by the UP President on 2016 October 14)

To stay in the program, a student must maintain a General Weighted Average (GWA) of 2.75 or better. The Office of the College Secretary shall assess the GWA of the student on an annual basis (end of the academic year).

Failure to meet the GWA requirement will disqualify the student from the BS Management program.

Students who fail to meet this retention requirement may apply for a non-major status at the Office of the College Secretary, for deliberation by the College Admissions Committee. The dean, college secretary, and the program coordinator are the members of the admissions committee.  

From the UP Primer for College Secretaries, pages 10, 139-142

Non-major students, with credit [1067th BOR meeting, 1993 July 7; 67th UC, 1999 December 8]

Non-majors are students dismissed from their respective colleges, but not from the University, for failure to meet the retention requirements, including grade point average or the number of units passed. Their supervision shall remain with their respective colleges, during which time the college secretaries shall advise them until they have transferred to another college. The Office of Guidance and Counseling (Office of Student Affairs) shall also assess and counsel them.

However, students can be non-majors only for one (1) year, during which time they are expected to seek admission to another college. Units earned as non-major can be credited towards the new degree program to which the student will be readmitted.

Based on University policies, a student who at the end of the semester failed to pass all courses is considered permanently disqualified from enrolling in the University. He/she may be given the last chance to finish a degree from the University upon the recommendation of the faculty and approval of the Vice-Chancellor for Academic Affairs. Upon approval of the appeal, the student will be classified as a non-major.

The following are implementing guidelines on non-majors:

  1. A student who is dismissed from the program must apply for a non-major status at the Office of the College Secretary.
  2. When accepted, the student is directly under the supervision of the College Secretary who signs the Form 5 and monitors his/her academic standing.
  3. A “Must pass all” condition must be imposed every semester, and failure of which will result from a “non-major” to “permanently disqualified.”
  4. In the first semester of being a non-major, the student is advised to carry a 12-unit academic load to facilitate his/her adjustment to the new status and to allow him/her to focus on improving academic standing. Depending on the scholastic standing, a non-major may carry a regular academic load of 15 to 18 units on the succeeding semester.
  5. A non-major is required to report to the Office of Student Affairs (Counseling and Guidance) within two weeks upon the approval of the application for non-major status.
  6. A non-major is covered by the University rules on scholastic delinquency, the maximum residence, and must pass at least 21 aggregate units during the current academic year.
  7. A non-major is given a maximum of one academic year to seek readmission in a degree program within the college or in another college. This is his/her last chance to graduate from the University.
  8. It is the responsibility of the student to apply for admission in any degree program except his/her former degree program. The college has the right to accept or refuse his/her application for admission based on its admission policies. Failure to be admitted to a degree program shall mean disqualification to enroll in the University.

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