We have good news for our Management students. The UP Board of Regents approved the proposal of the School of Management to revise its program to institute a minor degree in Marketing and a minor degree in Finance. The minor degrees allow flexibility in the program to enable the students to choose their interests and help them prepare and excel in their chosen careers.

The minor degree in Marketing will enhance the student’s knowledge of various marketing content and strategies needed for decision-making regarding the competitiveness and success of the firm. The minor degree in Finance will provide students the knowledge and skills required for decision-making regarding value-adding activities that contribute to the sustainability and profitability of the firm.

Starting this Second Semester, Academic Year 2020 – 2021, third-year standing BS Management students may apply to shift to BS Management MINOR in Marketing or Finance.

APPLY FOR SHIFTING TO BS Management with a minor PROGRAM


  1. Secure and fill out the Application for Shifting of Course to BS MGT Minor in Marketing or Minor in Finance, in three copies.
  2. Submit your Shifting Form to the OCS Staff. (OCS Staff computes for the student’s GWA and Total Units Earned.)
  3. Get endorsement from your Batch Adviser, Program Coordinator, and the College Secretary.
  4. Get approval from the Dean of the School of Management.
  5. Submit the approved form to the Office of the College.

Copy 1 – Office of the University Registrar
Copy 2 – Office of the College Secretary
Copy 3 – Student

  • Shifting refers to the change of a student’s degree program within UP Cebu.
  • Shifting from BS Management Program to BS Management Minor in Marketing or Finance is allowed for THIRD YEAR students AND after completion of the following courses: MGT 170 (for Minor in Marketing) and MGT 142 (for Minor in Finance).

Please email [email protected]   for inquiries.