Asst. Prof. Stevenson Yu places first in the CFI Modeling Competition

The CFI modeling online competition is open to all Financial analysts in the world to showcase their financial modeling and valuation skills, knowledge, and excellence in the industry.

For 2021, the School of Management is proud to announce that its very own faculty member placed first in this year’s competition. Asst. Prof. Stevenson Yu is currently the MBA program coordinator and teaches financial courses in the graduate program and strategic management in the undergraduate program.




We have good news for our Management students. The UP Board of Regents approved the proposal of the School of Management to revise its program to institute a minor degree in Marketing and a minor degree in Finance. The minor degrees allow flexibility in the program to enable the students to choose their interests and help them prepare and excel in their chosen careers.

The minor degree in Marketing will enhance the student’s knowledge of various marketing content and strategies needed for decision-making regarding the competitiveness and success of the firm. The minor degree in Finance will provide students the knowledge and skills required for decision-making regarding value-adding activities that contribute to the sustainability and profitability of the firm.

Starting this Second Semester, Academic Year 2020 – 2021, third-year standing BS Management students may apply to shift to BS Management MINOR in Marketing or Finance.

APPLY FOR SHIFTING TO BS Management with a minor PROGRAM


  1. Secure and fill out the Application for Shifting of Course to BS MGT Minor in Marketing or Minor in Finance, in three copies.
  2. Submit your Shifting Form to the OCS Staff. (OCS Staff computes for the student’s GWA and Total Units Earned.)
  3. Get endorsement from your Batch Adviser, Program Coordinator, and the College Secretary.
  4. Get approval from the Dean of the School of Management.
  5. Submit the approved form to the Office of the College.

Copy 1 – Office of the University Registrar
Copy 2 – Office of the College Secretary
Copy 3 – Student

  • Shifting refers to the change of a student’s degree program within UP Cebu.
  • Shifting from BS Management Program to BS Management Minor in Marketing or Finance is allowed for THIRD YEAR students AND after completion of the following courses: MGT 170 (for Minor in Marketing) and MGT 142 (for Minor in Finance).

Please email [email protected]   for inquiries.

Sec Pernia speaks to the business people and students

Last 17 February 2020, the School of Management invited the Secretary of the Socio-Economic Planning National Economic Development (NEDA), Professor Emeritus Dr. Ernesto Pernia, to meet with the business people and students at the Performing Arts Hall located inside the UP Cebu Lahug campus. With Sec. Pernia in this meeting were NEDA VII Regional Director Efren Carreon and Atty. Jerone Castillo, a representative from the Cebu City government. The Secretary spoke to almost 200 attendees on the state of the economy of the country, particularly within Region VII.

Sec. Pernia highlighted the collective long-term vision and aspirations of the Filipino people in the next 25 years. This is given focus in the agency’s tagline “Matatag, Maginhawa at Panatag na Buhay” contained in AmBisyon Natin 2040, which aims to fulfill inclusive growth with zero poverty. Sec. Pernia also showed statistics of economic performance which he hoped would trickle down to the poor.
The economic chief also briefed the attendees regarding the CoVID 19 health crisis that has dampened the region’s tourism sector specifically inbound travels. Some businessmen who were present decried their difficulty in acquiring shipments from China and other countries affected by the temporary travel ban. Prospects for the country and the province also came to the fore. For his part, Sec. Pernia advised that in order to address the slowdown of the tourism sector, government agencies should encourage local tourism. Meanwhile, as an intervention, the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) and Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) Region VII are now looking into the possibility of hiring unemployed workers affected by the slowing down of tourist arrivals in the region.

The government is also looking at easing out the interest rates to further stimulate economic activity. Despite the present challenges, there are still positive prospects ahead for the region with several projects earmarked to ease connectivity and movement within the region and between islands/regions like the construction of seaports, airports, and bridges as well as the pedestrianization of roads and the like.

For its part, Cebu City representative Atty. Castillo happily announced its program on the ease of doing business by shortening business processes and faster release of business permits to entice more investors to invest in the city.

The SoM is grateful to its faculty members, administrative staff, and Management students who helped in the preparation for the event and during the business meeting.



SoM Dean Tiffany Adelaine Tan, Ph.D. completed all requirements for the 4th AUN-QA Training Course for Accomplishing Institutional Assessment (Tier-3)

Last 06 to 09 January 2020, the School of Management Dean Associate Professor Dr. Tiffany Adelaine Tan (standing 6th from the right) attended and completed all the requirements for the 4th AUN-QA Training Course for Accomplishing institutional Assessments (Tier-3). The tier-3 training encompasses strategic, systemic and functional quality assurance.

There were 23 participants from four countries (Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Thailand, and Vietnam). All the ten Philippine delegates were from the University of the Philippines (UP). The initiative of the UP System to send faculty members from the different UP constituent universities (CU) to this training is to build the capacity of each CU to develop its quality assurance system to meet the needs and the demands of the stakeholders.


Alumna Ms. Haidee Benedicto-Barcelon donates cash for SoM facilities upgrade

On 31 October 2019, Ms. Haidee Benedicto-Barcelon, an alumna of UP Cebu Management Division (then), visited the School of Management (now) and donated cash for the upgrade of the facilities, buildings, and surroundings of the college.

Dean Dr. Tiffany Adelaine Tan accepts the donation from Ms. Benedicto-Barcelon, with Dr. Leahlizbeth Sia.

Credit goes to Dr. Leahlizbeth Sia for contacting Ms. Benedicto-Barcelon to support SoM and inviting her to the campus to see how the Management Division then had turned into a more business-like School of Management.

School of Management in 2016 (Figure above)

School of Management in 2019 (Figure above)

Alumni are giving back to the UP Cebu School of Management (class of ’94!)

In 2019, the School of Management has seen more than its share of alumni visits. The most common reaction among the former students is how different the Management surroundings look now. The classrooms are new, modern, clean, well lit, complete with mounted LCD projectors and screens, air-condition units, blinds, and even have BlueTooth sound systems. All these just in the past three to four years.

In July 2019, four alumni visited the School of Management to give back to the college that shaped their minds and helped them in their careers. Together with Dr. Gretchen Chaves, the representatives of the UP Cebu BBM and HRM (+ Friends) Class of 1994 donated an EPSON Shortthrow LCD projector.

Thank you, Jennifer Coloma-Ravela, Myra Roa, Glenda Bayon-Carlota, Lalaine Solis, Carmencita Coloso-Villareal, Ranni Dolot, Babette Villanueva-Lim, Rolando Lapiz, Leny Ojano-a Yusay, Junjun Sawadjaan, Indira Acaylar-Genato, Roxane Palen-McGrew, Maricel Senyahan-Aquino, Steve Almocera, Razelyn Te, and Mary Jane Gesta-Saubon

To the SoM alumni, the faculty of the School of Management, thank you for your generosity. We are proud of you and, indeed, your success is our success!

Stakeholder Satisfaction Surveyed

The SoM faculty invited the SoM alumni, those who were working in the industry, and the government for another roundtable discussion (RTD) last 31 May 2019 in the afternoon. The goal of the RTD was to evaluate the performance of the college in terms of the employability of the newly graduates (less than three years), and the performance of management students in various industry and government offices.

All of the participants in the RTD said that they are satisfied to very satisfied with the quality of graduates coming from the college [young alumni 4.14/5.0, government (4.83/5.0), and the industry (4.15/5.0)]. And all discussants also said that they would very much likely encourage their family and friends who are interested in taking up a Management course to enroll in the School of Management.

Collaboration between Academe and Industry (& Alumni)

In its effort to understand the changing needs of the industry, the School of Management (SoM), with Prof. Marilou Busano as project lead and with the help of the 4th year Management students, sent out invitations to various alumni who are currently working and doing business in various fields, such as banking and finance, retail, manufacturing, shared services, hotel, and restaurant for a roundtable discussion (RTD).

The purpose of the RTD activity is to gather the thoughts and suggestions of the industry and alumni of the SoM. The facilitators of the RTD asked the following questions:

  • In the context of the 21st-century business setting (globalization, digitization, millennials, and generation z), what opportunities should SoM take advantage? Or what should SoM be focusing?
  • In the context of their particular industries, what are the needs they think SoM could address?
  • Given their experience with how SoM taught them in college and now that they are where they are in the industry, in what way can SoM improve its method of teaching (pedagogy)?

There were three focus groups with seven alumni from the industry and three SoM faculty members. The following are the answers of the 21 guests:

1. Opportunities SoM should take advantage of:

  • Collaboration projects with other programs, business owners, and alumni for a mentoring program
  • Growing need for skill in Business Analysis and Analytics, Data Science, Project Management, system, and process management
  • Conduct strategic policy papers that can be implemented in coordination with LGUs
  • Offer tracks and allow students to choose

2. Needs of the industry/alumni:

  • Improve the skills of the graduates – communication, managerial, analytical, interpersonal, leadership and soft skills, negotiation, conflict management
  • Inculcate work ethics and values such as commitment, sense of urgency, perseverance, humility
  • The workplace today is looking for hybrids or super employees that know a bit of everything, and expert in one
  • Prepare mindset of the students to become entrepreneurs, to have a general direction what they want to pursue in their careers, to be more solution-oriented

3. Methods of teaching:

  • Internship program
  • Mixed class of Management and non-Management students
  • Team teaching
  • Partner with alumni/business owners for students to create business plans
  • Experiential learning for more practical application on the theories and cases


The UP Cebu School of Management (SoM) accepts its first individual P1M Donation

Having officially been a School of Management since 2016, the SoM accepted its first individual donor for the improvement of its BMC 1 Building. To recall, the BMC 1 Building was jointly funded by the following: President Alfredo E. Pascual’s administration (P4.5 million), UP Cebu Graduate Tuition Fee Increment (P4.5 million), and from the UP Cebu Chancellor’s Office (P1.5 million), totaling P10.5 million for the construction alone. However, the classrooms still needed to be upgraded by equipping it with resources & facilities conducive to the undergraduate & MBA students’ quality learning experience.
SoM’s first individual donor is Mrs. Marlinda Angbetic-Tan, a respectable businesswoman and socio-civic leader in Cebu with various business & organizational affiliations. Mrs. Tan generously donated P1,000,000.00 (One Million Pesos) for the BMC 1 Ground Floor Classrooms. The check turnover was done on 26 October 2018, witnessed by UP Cebu Chancellor Liza D. Corro, SoM Dean Tiffany Adelaine Tan, and the SoM faculty and staff in attendance. The ground floor classroom will now be named the Jose M. & Lecita Roa Angbetic Classroom, after the donor’s parents (as approved during the 1339th Meeting of the Board of Regents held on 9 November 2018). 
The ground classroom is currently being used by the SoM for its undergraduate & graduate school classes, playing a critical role in molding future leaders & entrepreneurs as the top business school in the region and beyond.