January 2017 Accomplishment Report

January 2017 Accomplishment Report

Published February 13, 2017 | By som.upcebu

On 22-25 January 2017, the Asian Association for Interdisciplinary Research Inc. (AAIR) in cooperation with Association of Scholarly Editors invited Dr. Mary Gretchen Chaves as Resource Speaker on proposal writing at the Cebu Business Hotel, Cebu City.

On 1 February 2017, the Philippine Junior Jaycees, Incorporated (UP Cebu), a special affiliate of the Junior Chamber International Philippines and a nationwide youth leadership development organization invited Prof. Rhenozo Barte during its induction of the PJJCI- UP Cebu Officers 2016-2017, at the Interactive Learning Center, UP Cebu, Cebu City.

Prof. Barte with Ms.Frances Antoinette Chavez
Prof. Barte and PJJCI

On 28 January 2017, the Master of Business Administration (MBA) Program held its first Graduate Program Admission Test (GPAT) at the School of Management premises. 58 MBA applicants took the examination.

Ms. Annie Manzano facilitates the GPAT exams at room GP-1
Ms. Jenny Librado facilitates the GPAT exams held at room GP-2

On 25 January 2017, the faculty of the School of Management attended a Training on the use of Virtual Learning Environment (VLE), with Mr. Ryan Ciriaco Dulaca as Resource Speaker. The training was held at the SoM Faculty Lounge.

October 2016 Accomplishment Report

18th Inter-Collegiate Finance Competition


UP Cebu has participated in the 18th Inter-Collegiate Finance Competition (Central and Eastern Visayas elimination round) held at the University of San Carlos last October 14, 2016. UP Cebu’s representatives were Jermyn Galera, Heide Mae Patiga and Mitzi Luar. They were accompanied by their coaches: Mr Rhenozo Barte and Mr Stevenson Yu. Out of the 11 participating schools, UP Cebu ranked first in the regional level.
The easy and moderate rounds went smooth as UP Cebu topped in the first 2 rounds.

The most nerve-wracking part was the last question in the difficult round. Aside from the fact that each difficult question was worth 20 points, what thrilled the contestants the most was that almost everyone else answered choice “B”, while only three schools (including UP Cebu) had choice A as their answer.
After that stunning moment, the host finally revealed the correct answer – which is choice A. UP Cebu garnered a total of 360 points, followed by UC-LM with 330 points, and USC with 325 points.
Certificates of participation were given to each university signed by Rene Jazmines (Junior FINEX Overall Chairman), Edith Dychiao (Junior FINEX Liaison Director), and George Chua (FINEX President).

After which, medals were awarded to the UP Cebu contestants and their coaches for ranking first in the regional level. It was indeed hard work, determination and prayers that helped the participants get the first place

The last part of the program was the announcement of the national results. The top 20 universities nationwide will be participating in the final round of the competition this coming Nov 21, 2016 to be held in BangkoSentralngPilipinas. It was overwhelming to see that UP Cebu ranked 6th together with the University of the East – Manila. UP Diliman ranked first with 460 points, followed by De La Salle University-Manila with 445 points, and Ateneo de Manila University with 380 points.
The three contestants took a photo together with one of their coaches Mr RhenozoBarte, the 4th year BS Management students, and FINEX Manila representative.

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Academic Program Improvement:

The API on the proposal to conduct the Development and improvement of new graduate program in support to CUs niches- Institution of Ph.D. in Management was held on 19 October 2016 at the Parklane International Hotel Cebu- Juana Hall

from the left are Prof. Ernesto Yap, Prof. Stevenson Yu, Prof. Marilou Busano Dr. Mary Gretchen Chaves, Dr. Leahlizbeth Sia, Prof. Jesus C. Cinco, Jr. and Arnella Labiste, support staff
persons start from the left at Manuel’s Restaurant are Prof. Jeff McFarland, Prof. Stevenson Yu, Prof. Jesus C. Cinco, Jr., Arnella Labiste, support staff, Prof. Marilou Busano, Zenaida Tabucanon, Staff, Dr. Leahlizbeth Sia, Marve Deiparine, Support Staff, Dr. Mary Gretchen Chaves, Chancellor Liza D. Corro, Prof. Ernesto Yap and Dr. Lanndon Ocampo

The API on the proposal conduct the Teaching-learning aids such as case studies/case writing, part 2 was held on 26 October 2016 at the Parklane International Hotel Cebu- Juana Hall


Counterclockwise from the right: Dr. Leahlizbeth Sia, Prof. Ernesto Yap, Marve Deiparine, support staff, Arnella Labiste, support staff, Dr. Tiffany Adelaine Tan, Prof. Rhenozo Barte, Dr. Marie Jane Matero, Prof. Marilou Busano and Dr. Mary Gretchen Chaves



Counterclockwise from the right: Prof. Ernesto Yap, Dr. Mary Gretchen Chaves, Prof. Stevenson Yu, Dr. Leahlizbeth Sia, Grace Mendez, staff, Arnella Labiste, support staff, Prof. Rhenozo Barte, Zenaida Tabucanon, staff, Marve Deiparine, support staff, Lorna Abella, staff, Dr. Marie Jane Matero,Prof. Marilou Busano and Dr. Tiffany Adelaine Tan