SoM Tycoons’ Week 2019: A Roaring Success!

This year’s Tycoon’s Week started with a grand opening parade on 14 October 2019, with more than 80% of attendance from both the first year and second-year School of Management students. Several food concession stalls situated on the jogger’s path also helped in attracting a lot of customers. Several exciting events happened that week, such as the Movie Night, MClympics, and the Tycoons’ Night.

The Movie Night was held on 18 & 23 October 2019.






The MCLYMPICS happened on 19 October 2019. It started with Zumba at 8:00 am despite the rainy weather. All the sports activities were followed, based on the plan, and finished at 5:00 pm. 


The teams were freshmen vs. sophomores, with each group showing team spirit, camaraderie, and friendly sportsmanship. Everyone had fun and was able to build stronger bonds among their schoolmates.


The week ended with the TYCOONS NIGHT on 24 October 2019. Dean Tiffany Adelaine Tan was there to open the activity at the SoM Square. SoM Alumni joined the celebration as judges for the Mr. & Ms. Tycoon 2019.

MR & MS TYCOONS 2019 are Jhon Martin Carlos (BSM 1A) and Annika Noelle Cañete (BSM 2A).





1st Runners Up are Enrique Raphael Versoza (BSM 1B) and Bibi Jessica Golocino (BSM 2B).





2nd Runners Up are Niño Aldjenn

Belocura (BSM 2A) and Maria Elizabeth Victoria Villagonzalo (BSM 1B).




3rd Runner Up is Ivy Rose Ricamora (BSM 1A).