BSM Admission

Requirements for Incoming First Year Undergraduate Student

  • Confirmation of enrollment after passing the UPCAT by filling out an attached reply slip and returning it to UP Cebu on a specified date. You may also send a scanned copy of the reply slip to [email protected] or send an email stating your full name, degree program, and student number.
  • Submit yourself to medical and dental examinations. For instructions, email [email protected] or call the clinic at +63-32-2328185 or 87 local 113.
  • Proceed to the Office of Student Affairs at Room 201 of the UP Cebu Administration building for scholarship bracket categorization under the Socialized Tuition System. You may contact them at +63-32-2328185 or 87 local 115, or through email at [email protected]
  • Pre-registration/pre-enrollment – check with UP Cebu for schedules
  • Registration/enrollment – check with UP Cebu for schedules
  • For more information, please visit

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