Undergraduate Courses

Cooperative Management (CM)

Economics (ECON)

Business Administration (BA)

BA 99.1 Fundamental Accounting Theory and Practice I 3u.

Fundamental accounting theory and terminology with reference to accounting and management’s use of accounting data

BA 99.2 Fundamental Accounting Theory and Practice II 3u.

Prereq: BA 99.1

Continuation of Fundamental Accounting Theory and Practice I


CM 102 Introduction to Cooperatives 3u.

Concepts, scope, principles, and laws of cooperatives


ECON 121 Money and Banking 3u.

Prereq: ECON 101

Theory and policy problems concerning money, credit, and financial institutions


Management (MGT)

MGT 101 Introduction to Management 3u.

Principles and techniques of business organization and management and organizational behavior

MGT 104 Organizational Behavior 3u.

Prereq: MGT 101

Theories and concepts on human behavior in organizations, individual, small group, inter-group, and supervisory behavior

MGT 115 Management Accounting 3u.

Prereq: BA 99.2, ECON 11

Uses of economic and accounting concepts for managerial planning and control

MGT 121 Human Resource Management 3u.

Prereq: MGT 101, MGT 104

Factors and objectives which shape personnel policies of employers and practices which effectuate these policies

MGT 132 Financial Institutions 3u.

Prereq: ECON 101

Study of the structure, functions, and operations of financial institutions, money and capital markets

MGT 141 Financial Management I 3u.

Prereq: MGT 115 or COI

Introduction to the principles governing financial management of business and non-business enterprises with emphasis on short-term planning and management of working capital

MGT 142 Financial Management II 3u.

Prereq: MGT 141

Long-range planning and management of the long-term financial position of business and non-business organizations

MGT 145 Investment 3u.

Prereq: MGT 142

Principles and practices with special emphasis on the evaluation of project studies, security analysis and the establishment of standards for the selection of industry, issue, and security

MGT 146 Special Topics in Finance 3u.

Prereq: MGT 142

MGT 147 International Finance 3u.

Prereq: Econ 101, MGT 142

Financial management in the context of the global marketplace and the operations of multinational firms

MGT 148 Personal Finance 3u.

Prereq: Econ 102, MGT 142

Theory and practice in the management of personal finance; topics include financial goals setting, personal income, expenses and savings, investment and risk, and creating personal wealth,

MGT 161 Law on Business Transactions and Transportation 3u.

Obligations, contracts, sales, bailments, quasi-delicts, damages, law on common carriers, Code of Commerce on Transportation, Carriage of Goods by Sea Act, and all other related laws

MGT 162 Law on Business Organizations and Labor 3u.

Prereq: MGT 161

Single proprietorships, partnerships, corporations, cooperatives, Securities Act, laws on insolvency, civil code provision on the order of preference and concurrence of credits; labor code

MGT 164 Negotiable Instruments and Insurance 3u.

Prereq: MGT 161

Negotiable instruments, Warehouse Receipts Law, Document of Title under the Civil Code and Insurance Law, all banking laws and related special laws

MGT 170 Introduction to Marketing Management 3u.

Prereq: ECON 11, MGT 101

Marketing institutions; marketing policies and methods for products and services in a variety of manufacturing and service industries

MGT 171 Distribution Management 3u.

Prereq: MGT 170

Analysis of problems in the physical distribution of goods and services and marketing channels decisions

MGT 172 Advertising 3u.

Prereq: MGT 170

The fundamental principles of advertising, the methods of representative advertisers, and problems of advertising generally encountered by business executives

MGT 173 Marketing Management 3u.

Prereq: MGT 115, MGT 170

Analysis of problems in the various types of business enterprises from the management perspective

MGT 174 Marketing Research 3u.

Prereq: MGT 170

A survey of the techniques used in marketing research. Selected problems in the analysis of sales records, sales forecasting, estimating sales potentials, sampling consumer demand, determining the factors which influence demand for specific goods

MGT 175 International Marketing 3u.

Prereq: ECON 101, MGT 170

Problems and policies with emphasis on foreign marketing analysis and export feasibilities, foreign trade promotion, export-import procedures and requirements, all considered from the Philippine perspective

MGT 176 Sales Management 3u.

Prereq: MGT 115, MGT 170

Problems and policies in the management of the sales force of both manufacturing and commercial enterprises. Emphasis on sales analysis, planning and control, sales organization and personal selling

MGT 178 Special Topics in Marketing 3u.

Prereq: MGT 170

Discussion of selected topics in marketing, which may include brand management, services marketing and management, non-profit marketing, and emerging issues such as digital marketing, sustainable marketing, marketing analytics, and practice of ethical marketing

MGT 181 Management Science 3u.

Prereq: MATH 100, STAT 101

The use of management science/operations research (MS/OR) in the analysis of business problems concerning operations, marketing, human resources and finance

MGT 186 Management of Information Systems and Technology 3u.

Prereq: CMSC 101

Strategic application of information systems and technology for effective managerial decision-making and policy formulation/ implementation; and the effective management of technological advances in planning and control

2h lecture, 3h lab

MGT 187 Operations Management 3u.

Prereq: MGT 101, MGT 181

Principles, procedures and techniques in the design, operation, and improvement of production systems

MGT 188 Fundamentals of Business Analytics 3u.

Prereq: MGT 181, MGT 186, STAT 135 An introduction to the different forms of analytics: descriptive, predictive and prescriptive analytics; tools and techniques in generating information that aid in decision making and addressing organization strategies and challenges

MGT 189 Management of Innovation 3u.

Prereq: MGT 121, MGT 142, MGT 170, MGT 186, MGT 187

The fundamentals of managing innovation in firms

MGT 190 Strategic Management 3u.

Prereq: MGT 199

Integration of the functional fields of business, stress is being given to solving comprehensive case problems of business organization and management

MGT 191 Enterprise Planning and Development 3u.

Prereq: MGT 189

Activities and dynamics involved in planning and developing a new enterprise

MGT 192 Management of Small Business 3u.

Prereq: MGT 191

Characteristics, opportunities, and hazards of small business; problems of survival and growth and ways to deal with them

MGT 196 Practicum 3u.

Prereq: MGT 121, MGT 141, MGT 170, MGT 187

Fieldwork component to provide senior students with opportunities to relate management theories and principles learned in class to the actual operations of a private/public organization

MGT 197 Special Topics in Management (Topic to be indicated) 3u.

Prereq: MGT 121, MGT 142, MGT 170, MGT 187, MGT 188
may be taken twice

MGT 199 Management Research 3u.

Prereq: MGT 121, MGT 142, MGT 187, MGT 188

MGT ECON 143 Managerial Economics 3u.

Prereq: ECON 101, ECON 102, MGT 101

The application of fundamental economic tools of analysis in management