MBA General Questions

1. Why a UP Cebu MBA?

The UP Cebu MBA arms learners with a diverse array of skills and knowledge and is designed to shape leaders capable of steering through the challenges of the post-COVID, AI-dominated era.

The curriculum blends rigorous, comprehensive coursework with practical applications. UP Cebu’s dedicated faculty and facilities stress honor and excellence, and deliver quality education by helping learners gain real-world insights.

The MBA program learning outcomes support aspiring business professionals and leaders in developing a holistic business perspective, provide networking opportunities with industry leaders and peers, leverage on the various decision-making tools in the functional areas of organizations, and enhance leadership capabilities and interpersonal skills.

2. What do your graduates say about the program?

They speak highly of the program. For Alumni Testimonials, please visit our Facebook page.

3. How much does the MBA program cost?

Tuition is approximately ₱1,850 per unit, or about ₱90,000 for the entire program.

4. What is the mode of delivery for MBA classes?

Classes are conducted face-to-face for at least 6 sessions. In case of emergency or special circumstances, they can fall back to online synchronous modes.

5. What is the curriculum structure?

The UP Cebu MBA consists of 21 courses (16 core courses and 5 electives). The core courses include Corporate Finance and Financial Markets, Corporate Financial Reporting, Economic Analysis, Fundamentals of Financial Management, General Management, Management Accounting, Management Control Systems, Management of Information Technology, Management of Innovation, Management Research Methods, Management Science, Marketing Management, Operations Management, Organizational Behavior, and Strategic Management I and II

Electives include: Controllership, Consumer Behavior, Entrepreneurship (New Enterprise Planning and Management), Global Marketing, Human Resource Management, International Finance, Investment Management, Logistics Management, Marketing Research and Analysis, Organizational Development and Change Management, Options and Other Derivatives, Services Marketing and Management, Special Topics in Management, Business Study Mission, and Research Project.

6. Do you have a full-time or executive program?

The UP Cebu MBA program is currently designed for part-time students who are working full-time.

7. Can I submit a GMAT or GRE score in lieu of taking the MPAT?

Yes. The scores should be sent directly to the University from the test provider (GMAC for GMAT, ETS for GRE).

8. Does UP offer scholarship options?